The Figure in Gestural & Expressive Painting




July 10 - 12th



art on 4th



Using the figure as the main subject, you will explore how to utilize mark-making tools to create subtle and dynamic gestural paintings. We will spend a few moments in the beginning of the workshop going over some principles and academics such as the form of a figure, color theory, and composition, and throughout as needed & requested by participants.


In this workshop, the focus is not to recreate realism or realistic figures (so you do not have to know how to draw a portrait) rather to be inspired by the movement and energy of the figure. The intent is to capture that moment in large and loose gestural marks and brush strokes on the paper, board, or canvas. 

You will be encouraged to engage in a personal dialogue with your subject as you begin your composition with charcoal sketching and gesso. Allowing the freedom of expression to develop and the figure to take on the spiritual and expressive energy coming from within you. As you move through the workshop, you will be encouraged to explore ideas or concepts to push or stretch your previous boundaries and self-imposed limitations. 

Creating art is not unlike living your life — if you make a mess, if you make a mistake, well, then you must deal with it. You have choices: change it, work with what you have, what you have done.


Some of the most beautiful art comes out of the most painful places in people’s lives.Your art is not a product of any one studio time; it is an evolution of many years of experiences.


Each mark I make on my surface, each brush stroke or color I put on is the beginning of that artwork’s life. Its birth, so to speak.


Even if the beginning is a little rocky, and I’m not liking it, I just work over what I have done. I don’t erase or obliterate the beginning because I believe that those early marks are the foundation for the painting that is about to be.